Cabin Heat and Air

Fitting Assembly – PA28R200

Fitting Assembly – Air duct, upper  Part#  79270-00  PA 10221

Sanden airconditioning motor

Sanden air-conditioning motor  Removed from 1980 Cessna R182  Part# SD-508  LB00158

Switch-Blower air conditioning

Switch-Blower      air conditioning   Removed from 1980 Cessna R182  Part# 0882590  LB00028

Panel Assembly – Avionic c/w AC

Panel Assembly – Avionic  c/w  AC  Removed from 1980 R182 Part# 1270092-14 PA10111

Tube Assembly – LH – RH

Tube Assembly – LH – RH Removed from 1980 R182 Part # 0413163-27, 0413163-28… Read More

Nozzle Assembly.

Nozzle Assembly. Part# 0713952-1 & 1250116-1.  SW52217.  Removed from Cessna 182-J.

Cabin Heater Valve

Cabin Heater Valve, Part# 0713019-16.  SW52215.  Removed from Cessna 175.

Outlet Assy – Cabin airvent

Outlet Assy – Cabin air vent  Removed from 1977 Cessna 180K  Part#0413155-12  SW52077 and SW52078

Valve assy – warm air

Valve assy – warm air  Removed from 1982 Cessna A-185-F  Part#0753032-1  SW51881

Outlet Assembly Heat Duck

Outlet Assembly Heat Duck,  Removed From 1982  Cessna 185 F,  Part #0513457-1,  (SW51718)