Engine Instruments

EGT Indicator

Alcor FAA-PMA EGT indicator P/N 46150 . Shown with adjustable redline, also available without. 2-1/4″… Read More

CHT Indicator

Alcor FAA-PMA CHT indicator P/N 46151. 2-1/4″ gauge.

Westach Quad CHT

Westach quads CHT 3AQ1. Westberg Mfg. Inc. Accuracy within 2%.

J.P. Instruments Digital Tachometer

J.P. Instruments digital tachometer DQT-6B. 2600RL 2500YL.

Insight Graphic Engine Monitor

Insight graphic engine monitor GEM-602. Able to display up to EGT/CHT temperatures. Automatic intensity control… Read More

Electronics International EGT

Electronics International single channel EGT. Model E-1. Large backlit LCD display. For use with P-110 EGT… Read More

K.S. Avionics Mixture Mizer EGT

K.S. Avionics Mixture Mizer EGT-1S6. 14VDC.

Manifold Pressure / Fuel Flow

Manifold Pressure/ Fuel Flow. As removed.