Fuel Selector Cup

Fuel selector cup P/N 0511198 .

Early 180/185 Control Column Cover

Early 180/182 control column cover with attaching brackets. P/N 0700105-266.
SW No.:   SW51116

182 Escutcheon/Light

Escutcheon/light out of C-182R. P/N 0711779-1 .

Map/Instrument Light Cover

Map/Instrument light cover. P/N 0710103-5 .

Map/Instrument Light Cover

Map/instrument light cover. P/N 0711739-1 .

C-180 Window Latch

Early model C-180 window latch. P/N 0413362-2 and 0413362-3

Audio Jack Holders

Audio jack holders. New! White, Black and various other colours.