Baggage Doors

Stop Assembly-Swing

Stop Assembly-Swing. Removed from 1978 TU206G Part# 1211644-1 MT20001

Baggage Door

Baggage Door,  Part #0711791-1,  (SW51251)

Baggage Door

Baggage Door
part no. 0717000-13
1977 Cessna 180 serial no. 18052783
(SW 50942)

Trim Panel – Baggage Door Hinge

Trim Panel – Baggage door hinge
part no. 0715052-9, 0715052-12
From a 1999 Cessna 182S with only… Read More

Baggage Door Fairing

Late model 185 baggage door fairing P/N 0715064-20

Baggage Door Cover

Late model 185 Baggage Door Cover
P/N: 0715064-19
SW No.:   SW51123

Baggage Door Striker Plate

Cessna baggage door striker plate P/N 0311319-1 .

Baggage Door Hinges

Cessna baggage door hinges P/N 0711102 SW52504   SW52505

182 Baggage Trim Panel

Baggage door hinge trim panel
P/N 0715052
Out of 1999 182S with only 287 hours
(SW 50802)