Pitot and Static Systems

VALVE Alternate Static Air

VALVE Alternate Static Air. Part# 492 100  BRACKET ASSEMBLY Air valve mounting. Part# 25290-00  .  […]

Sump – Static Source

Sump – Static Source Part# S1258-1

Tube Assy-Pitot Heated

Tube Assy-Pitot Heated Part # 0721105-53

Tube Assy-pilot heated

Tube Assy – pilot heated Part# 0721105-55

Tube Assembly – Pitot

Tube Assembly – Pitot  Removed from 1977 Cessna 180K  Part#0721105-39  SW52076

Connector Assy – pitot tube

Connector Assy – pitot tube  Removed from 1977 Cessna 180K  Part# 0721115-1  SW52075

Super Venturi

Super Venturi  Removed from C-172 Part#0511318-1  SW51898

Alternate Static Source

 Alternative Static Source Removed from C182RG Part No.:   2013142-1 SW No.:   SW51176

Pitot Tube – Heated

Pitot Tube – Heated part no. 721105-40 Removed from 1972 Cessna 185 serial 18501996 (SW 50973)

Sump Assy. – Static Source LH

Sump Assy. – Static Source LH part no. S2043-1 From a 1999 Cessna 182S with […]