Engine Instruments

Line Assy-Oil pressure gauge to firewall

Line Assy-Oil pressure gauge to firewall Part# 0700099-37

Line Assy-Manifold press

Line Assy-Manifold press Part# 2200001-31

Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe

Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe Part# C668501-0204

Carb Temp guage

Carb Temp guage  Removed from 1959 Cessna 150  Part#29-203  SW51966

Suction Gage

Suction Gage,  Removed from 1982 Cessna A-185-F  Part#0668509-0101  SW51833

Man/Fuel Pressure Gage

Man/Fuel Pressure Gage  Part#C6620370207  SW51831

CHT Gage

CHT Gage ALCOR. SW51525.

EGT Gage

EGT Gage. Part # 2021-1B. Removed from 1975 Cessna 185. SW51522.

Gage oil temperature

Gage oil temperature.  Part # 041101-4. Removed from 1953 Cessna 180.  SW51470.

Gage Oil Pressure.

Gage Oil Pressure. Part # 0411016-3.  Removed from 1953 cessna 180.  SW51468.