GNS 430 Guide

Garmin GNS 430 (A) Pilot’s guide and reference. P/N 190-00140-00 Rev. M (May 2008).

540 Engine Operator’s Manual

Avco Lycoming O-540/IO-540/HIO-540 series engine operator’s manual. P/N 60297-10 (July 1982). Last revised June 1987.

IO-520 Operators Manual

Teledyne Continental Motors IO-520 series operators manual. Form # X30041 (Sept 1980).

185 Float/Ski Owners Manual Sup.

1966 185 Floatplane/ Amphibian/ Skiplane owners manual supplement.

185 Pilot’s Checklists

Early model 185 floatplane pilot’s operating checklists and emergency checklists. Last used in 185A Floatplane…. Read More

Hartzell Owners Manual

Hartzell Propeller Owners Manual and Log Book. Installation, operation and service manual/handbook. For HC-82X, HC-A2,… Read More

TCM Pilots Handbook

Teledyne Continental Motors Pilots Handbook on Engine Operation. Form # X-30117

‘57 180 Owners Manual

1957 180 Owners Manual.

‘54 180 Owners Manual

1954 180 Owners Manual P/N P-131-750-2/23/59 .

‘53 180 Owners Manual

1953 180 Owners Manual.