Catch Seat Back L/H and R/H

Catch Seat Back L/H and R/H  Removed from 1959 Cessna 150  L/h part#0411457-3  SW52017 and… Read More

Floor Fittings aft seat

Floor Fittings aft seat  Removed from 1982 Cessna A-185-F  Part#0714039-2  SW51855

Universal Seat

Universal Seat,  Removed From Cessna 172,  Part #0500210-129,  (SW51654)

Rear Seat Assembly

Rear Seat Assembly,  Removed from 1966 Cessna 182.  SW51635.

Back Seat

Back Seat from C182,  SW51385

Pilot Seat

Pilot Seat,  Part #0714014-1,  SW51384

Co-Pilot Seat

Co-Pilot Seat, Part #0714012-1,  SW51383

Co-Pilot Seat

Co-Pilot Seat from C182,  Part #0714059-2,  SW51380

Co-Pilot Seat

Co-Pilot Seat from C180,  SW51379

Pilot Seat

Pilot Seat from C180,  SW51378