Spinners and Bulkheads

Connector-Bulkhead Half

Connector-Bulkhead Half  Removed from 1980 Cessna R182   Part# 2250121-4   LB00188

Spinner Dome Assembly

Spinner Dome Assembly Removed from 1980 R182 Part# 2250123-1 PA 10010

Spinner Assembly

Spinner Assembly  Rear spinner part# 23818-00 / Cap propeller Spinner # 23819-3  SW52555

Dome Assembly (New Surplus)

Dome Assembly New for Cessna 180/185.  Part# 0752042K200.  SW52417.

Spinner Assembly

Spinner  Assembly, removed from Cessna 180 (1962) Ser# 18051110.  Spinner Assembly D-7519-1  complete with bulkhead… Read More

Spacer – Spinner support

Spacer – Spinner support  Removed from Cessna 182  Part#0752620-3  SW51981

Support Spinner

Support Spinner  Removed from Cessna 182  Part# 1250412-3  SW51980

Bulkhead Assembly-aft

Bulkhead Assembly-aft  Removed from Cessna 172  Part#0550321-10  SW51979

Bulkhead Assembly-FWD

Bulkhead Assembly-FWD  Removed from Cessna 172  Part#0450076-1  SW51976

Dome Spinner

Dome Spinner  Removed from 1959 Cessna 150  Part#0450024-3  SW51918